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Sunday, 8 October 2017

So what's been happening?

Apart from having to negotiate our way through the horrendous mire, that is red tape and bullshit bureaucracy, so that we can get a care package together for Bev's parents, there has been quite a bit of bird news from around Newlands and beyond. The first Whinchat, of the year, was present on 9th Sept, thus the day before we left for Kefalonia. Since getting back there has been a steady trickle of birds moving through the area. Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps and Goldcrests have accounted for the majority of sightings but, a Garden Warbler lingered for two days 28/29th Sept and constitutes my latest patch record by some margin. Odd Common Whitethroat sightings might just be a lingering individual rather than multiple records, they've all been in the same area of my garden. Swallows and House Martins have been seen erratically, passing through in dribs and drabs with no stand out counts as yet. Meadow Pipits are a regular early morning event, although probably decked in the cauliflower fields and moving between feeding areas rather than purposeful migrants. The first Redwings were heard in the bright sunshine of the afternoon of 6th Oct, not typical conditions for records here.
I must make a shameful confession - I saw my first Wheatear of 2017 yesterday, 7th, at our club fishery. A trully woeful state of affairs, I've recorded Bee-eater, Wryneck and Golden Oriole before seeing one of the most iconic migrants to pass through our region - must try harder in 2018.

A Grey Heron, in the gloom, being welcomed by a
young Black-headed Gull - NOT!

A very pleasant fishery at which to pass a few hours and catch a few fish
And so on to the angling stuff. The local club waters have provided, much appreciated, rest-bite from the rigours of everyday life. Carp have provided some fantastic sport, using a number of tactics, and I have now taken four doubles, from the largest puddle, with a top weight of 13 lbs 2 oz. The Ide continue to fascinate me. I'm catching them on a variety of methods, although not intentionally targeting the species. A future project is to specifically set out to discover a method which will enable me to get the most from these fishy aliens. Yesterday afternoon/evening I was able to spend a prolonged session (well Strictly was on!) and ended with six carp, an 2 lbs 2 oz Ide and two perch (1 lb 8 oz & 1 lb 14 oz) - nice!

Ide - 2 lbs 2 oz

Perch of 1 lb 14 oz - my best, so far, from this venue.


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    1. Even in our darkest hours there is comfort, if you know where to look? I'd like to think that we're over the hill and headed back to normality (if such a thing exists?) - tight lines and more of them roach old mate - Dyl