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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Is it possible?

I learnt, via the KOS website, that a, moulting adult, Long-billed Dowitcher has returned to Oare Marshes KWT Reserve. Seen today, on The East Flood, by many admirers including the "legend" (in his own opinion - so the only one that counts!) that is LGRE.

A juvenile Long-billed Dowitcher, on The East Flood at Oare Marshes - 2006. How long do they live?
Long-billed Dowitcher on The East Flood, now I have some fond memories from just such an occurrence way back in 2006, being very fortunate to get some outstanding images of a juvenile there. Could it possibly be that individual? A Bonaparte's Gull has made a habit of returning (also present today) - I can but wonder about the life expectancy of an American wader on this side of The Atlantic? As with much else to do with wildlife; the answer to my question will remain unanswered, an unknown, and, as such, far more enthralling. It doesn't matter how clever we think we are - humanity doesn't know everything!

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