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Saturday, 12 August 2017

A proper bad boy?

Quite a shock to find this insect on the egg boxes, as I examined the contents of the MV during the week. I believe it to be an ichneumon wasp, of some description? Certainly very impressive as you can see.

A couple more Willow Warblers around the garden recently and a superb, adult male, Sparrowhawk has taken to hunting the birds using our feeding station - very spectacularly. A Tree Pipit was a nice surprise today, as it flew over calling loudly, and a few Swallows have trickled through in a southerly direction. The most obvious sign of autumn are the numbers of Black - headed Gulls being recorded, along with a rather smart, moulting adult, Med Gull feeding on flying ants during Thursday afternoon. Still haven't yet seen a Wheatear in 2017, although it surely can't be long now? Oh, and a Whinchat would be nice!
It seems that my quest for a split cane thirty may be "on hold" for yet another year? Bev's mum was admitted to hospital during the week, released on Friday after treatment. Her parents are both well into their eighties and, whilst we await further intervention from social services, they are now staying with us and any thoughts of going fishing are pointless. Just as Bev had been at my side, during that final period with Dad, I'm there for her now. Hopefully, the outcome will be positive, a new home with warden assistance, but I cannot expect her to deal with this alone whilst I chase a selfish dream.
We'll know more after Monday - a meeting with Canterbury Social Services and other legal bods.

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