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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Competing with a big moon

It's just after 20.00 hrs (08.04.2017) and I have set up the garden 125 W MV moth-trap for the coming night. Temperatures are set fair at 10 C all night, so my only issue will be with the clear skies and beaming moon. The wind is predicted to remain a gentle southerly, so there is certainly a chance of something unusual turning up? I have certainly experienced some decent catches, historically, under similar conditions.

Many Plumed Moth
I've only run it on three occasions so far this year and endured a total blank on the second night. Much better for the third attempt; Double - striped Pug, Clouded Drab, Light Brown Apple Moth and a Many Plumed being added to the 2017 tally.
Sunday 9th April 2017
The reality proved to be rather disappointing, just three moths lured. One each of Hebrew Character, Common Quaker and Bright Line - Brown Eye (which was new for the year!). I'm running it again tonight, although I don't really think conditions are that much better? I'm on another week of late shifts, well four days, and don't see me doing much else!

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