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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Where did that year go?

Mum cutting her 80th birthday cake (01.01.2011) with her brother "Uncle Doodie Pete" looking on.
True to form, a glass of "holy water" helping balance the knife.
Unbelievably it was a year ago, today, that mum died. Bev and I joined Dad, his mate Brian, my daughter Sarah-Jayne and her daughter, Evelyn (named after my mother) for a gathering of the clan. We made a visit to St. Nicholas church, in Ash, so that dad could leave some flowers in mums' memory before we adjourned to the "Frog & Orange" for a bite to eat. Four generations of Wrathalls under the one roof. Dad seems to be coping remarkably well, the day however, was always going to be difficult - I've spoken to my brother Simon, this evening, who said he had a "moment". I didn't need to ask - I know exactly what he experienced.
As always, my work colleagues were supportive and the supervision team prepared to allow me to leave early in order to be with my family - top stuff.
The weather has, once again, made "blogland" headlines; with many a blogger bemoaning the present run of ridiculous gales/rain and seeking to offer some kind of antidote by way of posting pretty images of happier times. Sunshine and flowers, you know the sort of thing.
Corfu - looking down to Agios Gordios (from the high ground to the north)
Of course my memories are happy ones - but the weather has nothing to do with it
It seemed rude not to join in, although sunshine and flowers aren't the first thing that spring to mind when looking for an improvement in the conditions. My archive of photos is capable of providing me with many happy memories, but looking forward is also a very good way of combating the prevailing weather. As the Monty Python team sang, in "The Life of Brian" - always look on the bright side of life!
May 2011 - Benno cradles the first Scottish "twenty" I'd ever seen
Benno, Simon and myself are already embarked on the planning schedule for this year's Scottish sojourn. We might be joined by Luke - we might not? Davie Robertson is hoping to join us, at some point, and (if Ron Thomas is reading this nonsense - do you fancy one more go?) we have high hopes for another enjoyable trip.
If you want to remove the "doom and gloom" of our current weather?
There's not much that can beat a Bee-eater for "WOW" factor

Scotland owes me a twenty; of that I am in no doubt. I have now seen three fish in excess of that magical number - surely my turn will come?
It won't matter what the weather does. Another trip up to the Scottish lochs is going to be a blast!
Benno, Simon and myself are already excited by the prospect. Bring it on!

A year is an awful long time if you spend it watching a clock. I don't and have absolutely no idea where the last one went. I have so much that is positive in my life, that the odd negative (I couldn't catch a perch!) is of no significance. Getting old, enjoying my time with Bev, my grand-children, children, brothers and extended family seems a good enough plan - getting involved with petty squabbles about bird id? If you see a weasel - piss in its' ear!

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